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Representing JETAA Prairies at Winterfest

JETAA Prairies members giving presentation and Q&A at Winterfest 2019, February 23rd, 2019, at RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg
JETAA Prairies members giving presentation and Q&A at Winterfest 2019, February 23rd, 2019, at RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

This past Saturday, February 23rd, members from JETAA Prairies attended Winterfest. We had an JET information table full of goodies such as pamphlets, Japanese maps, and other related materials. About a hundred people stopped at our table.

We also tried to recreate the atmosphere of a typical Japanese classroom during our presentation about the JET Programme. JET alumni took on roles of the Japanese Teacher of English (or JTE), the Assistant Language Teacher (or ALT), and the student leader who leads the classroom during the greeting. About 25 people attended our presentation. Because of our informative presentation, the small audience asked the JET alumni a lot of questions.

We hope that those who we spoke to or who attended our presentation will apply for the JET Programme in the near future. We wish them luck. It was a fun, great day!

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Our First Executive Meeting of the Year…and Discovering an Old JET Video from 1993

The Meeting


We held our first meeting of the new year at Chosabi’s in Winnipeg. We have a couple of events coming up in the next couple of months: namely, we are planning to have a Japan panel at next month’s Winterfest (a.k.a. Ai-kon Lite), and a March screening of a documentary commemorating the Great Tohoku Earthquake. If you are a JET alumni who would like to get involved, please let us know!

Afterward, via Skype, JETAA Prairies members talked to a JET alumni in Saskatchewan and would like to contribute to JETAA. One of the challenges for JETAA Prairies is to connect and work with JET alumni living in Saskatchewan. However, the distance and transportation costs are always a barrier. As a result, JETAA Prairies don’t have an enough presence in Saskatchewan. Hopefully, we can slowly change this in the upcoming future.

A Piece of History

Lastly, after we concluded our Skype teleconference, we went through this bin of old JET Prairies materials. Most materials looked like they are mostly from the early 2000s. Then we found this disc that said “JET Video”. Our curiosities peaked. What was this? We popped it into a player. We were not disappointed.

Well, hello there…

It looked like an informational, yet casual, video of JET Program life, particularly in the southern island of Kyushu. The fashion was definitely early 90s and in one of the scenes, there was a timestamp of “1993”. All of us were in awe. The best way to describe the video: combine JET informational content with the aesthetic of 90s skateboard videos done in 8mm.

Hockey in Kyushu 1993

There were nice sceneries of Fukuoka and a shot of an ice hockey game. There were also some strange scenes in the video. The most hilarious part was when a JET participant and her Japanese friend were talking about their art exhibit. The JET participant tried to explain the theme of their art but couldn’t explain very clearly. Her Japanese friend also made an attempt….and said the art being “something sexual”. Then for some reason, the editor of the video decided to loop that sound clip three more times.

We tried to understand their art. We just couldn’t…

All of us were so enamoured by this video that we decided to reach out to one of the hosts. Hopefully, we can get the complete story (or a sequel). This video made our night, at least, made my night. To all of our JET senpais: WE SALUTE YOU!

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