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2019 Annual General Meeting

Members of JETAA Prairies having the 2019 Annual General Meeting at Izakaya Edokko in Dowtown Winnipeg.  April 14th, 2019.
Do you crave for Japanese food? Why don’t you join us?

On April 14th, 2019, JETAA Prairies members, met at Izakaya Edokko in Downtown Winnipeg for the Annual General Meeting. JETAA Prairies is the local Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) alumni chapter representing Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Indeed, nine members showed up. We briefly introduced ourselves, and enjoyed the delicious food while talking about Game of Thrones and the Winnipeg Jets.

Afterward, the members reflected on past JETAA Prairies events/activities. For example, we reflected on last year’s National Conference at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, our info booth/panel at Ai-kon/Winterfest, the Japanese language classes for alumni, and the inaugural Japan Trivia Night. Truly, JETAA Prairies had an eventful year.

More importantly, we also voted for the 2019-2020 Executive. The results are:

  • Jeff: President
  • Melissa: Treasurer
  • Carol: Secretary
  • Ali: Cultural Ambassador
  • Roger: Senior Advisor
  • Alastair: Legal Attaché
  • Rigor: Webmaster/Communications

For the rest of the year, we have upcoming events lined up. For example, we will hold our Pre-Departure Orientation for the new JETs, we will return to Folklorama this year, and many others. Hence: stay tuned. By the way, if you are interested in helping out, even for a little bit, please let us know via our Contact Form.

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Annual General Meeting, Sunday, April 14th, 12pm @ Izakaya Edokko!!!

Kobe, Japan
Kobe, Japan

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, April 14th, 2019, 12pm at Izakaya Edokko, 190 Smith Street. This is your opportunity to voice your opinions/suggestions for events that JETAA Prairies should get involved in. Also, we will also be creating the 2019/2020 executive! This event is open to all JETAA Prairies alumni. You don’t have to be a regular volunteer of the JETAA Prairies community to attend. If you can only attend the AGM, that is ok, too. If you are planning to go, please let us know via our website or our Facebook events page on what you want to order by April 12th. We can cover the cost of appetizers for everyone, however, each member is responsible for his/her own meal (here’s the link to Izakaya Edokko’s menu). We won’t do omakase because it requires an $80 minimum per person.

Hope to see you there!

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Information Session Dates

2018 JET Programme Info Sessions for the University of Manitoba, Canadian Mennonite University, and the University of Winnipeg

2018 JET Programme Info Sessions for the University of Manitoba, Canadian Mennonite University, and the University of Winnipeg

Are you person who loves Japanese culture?  Do you consider yourself as a “Japanophile”?  If you want to join the JET Programme or know of someone, please come to our info sessions:

Oct 1st, 2018 @ University of Manitoba, 12:00-13:00, Rm 474 UMSU
Oct 2nd, 2018 @ Canadian Mennonite University, 12:00-13:00, Conference Room A0
Oct 3rd, 2018 @ University of Winnipeg, 12:30-13:30, Rm 1C16A

Do you know the samurai in the poster?  If you do, please write your answer in the comment section below!

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We Kame. We Karaoke’d. We Konquered.

Yes, Karafun has TV themes in its catalog. Autobots, roll out!

Yes, Karafun has TV themes in its catalog.  For some, we channelled our inner child.

The past Saturday night, we had our growing karaoke event.  Twelve were present at our karaoke event including the new JET participants.  Our karaoke program of choice is Karafun.  Some members brought drinks and snacks.  Karafun’s catalog even contained famous TV theme songs like from The Transformers, Beverley Hillbillies, and The Flinstones (but there was no Jetsons’ theme song).

JET Alumni and New JETs Singing Karaoke using Karafun.

JET Alumni and New JETs Singing Karaoke using Karafun.

Our next event will be at Ai-Kon which takes place from July 27th to the 29th at the RBC Convention Centre at 375 York Avenue in Winnipeg.  We will have a table setup there and alumni will present information about working in Japan.  If you are JET alumni and want to help out during Ai-Kon, let us know via the contact form!

Winnipeg's annual anime/manga convention: Ai-Kon.

We will be here!

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JETAA Karaoke Night

“Sometimes, I do need to go karaoke, sometimes I need to relax.” – Jackie Chan

JETAA Prairies Karaoke Night


On May 12th, we had our first Karaoke Night!  Once you do karaoke in Japan, it’s very hard to shake the habit off after returning to your home country.   If you are wondering which karaoke machine we used, we used Karafun.  Flight of Conchords songs ruled the evening.  If you somehow didn’t get the chance to go, don’t worry!  We will hold another JETAA Prairies Karaoke Night again!  So, stay tuned!

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