We Kame. We Karaoke’d. We Konquered.

Yes, Karafun has TV themes in its catalog. Autobots, roll out!

Yes, Karafun has TV themes in its catalog.  For some, we channelled our inner child.

The past Saturday night, we had our growing karaoke event.  Twelve were present at our karaoke event including the new JET participants.  Our karaoke program of choice is Karafun.  Some members brought drinks and snacks.  Karafun’s catalog even contained famous TV theme songs like from The Transformers, Beverley Hillbillies, and The Flinstones (but there was no Jetsons’ theme song).

JET Alumni and New JETs Singing Karaoke using Karafun.

JET Alumni and New JETs Singing Karaoke using Karafun.

Our next event will be at Ai-Kon which takes place from July 27th to the 29th at the RBC Convention Centre at 375 York Avenue in Winnipeg.  We will have a table setup there and alumni will present information about working in Japan.  If you are JET alumni and want to help out during Ai-Kon, let us know via the contact form!

Winnipeg's annual anime/manga convention: Ai-Kon.

We will be here!

If you had missed the Bon Odori Festival on July 7th….

JCAM's Yuhito Adachi being interviewed by CBC News.

JCAM’s Yuhito Adachi being interviewed by CBC News.

If you had missed JCAM’s Bon Odori Festival this past July 7th, we have a couple of articles regarding Winnipeg’s inaugural festival.

Here’s an indepth CBC article interviewing the organizer of the event, Yuhito Adachi.    The article can be found at

Here’s a link to CityTV’s interview with Yuhito at 

On a side note:  we have our JETAA Prairies Karaoke Night this Saturday, July 21st starting at 7pm.  Let us know by sending us a message via our website form and we can send you the details!

Bon Matsuri in Winnipeg

Tanabata, Obon Matsuri, Burton Cummings Community Centre, Winnipeg, July 7th, 2018

Obon Matsuri, Burton Cummings Community Centre, Winnipeg, July 7th, 2018

This past Saturday on the Japanese holiday of Tanabata (the Star Festival), Winnipeg held it’s first Bon Odori Matsuri organized by JCAM (Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba).  The venue was the Burton Cummings Community Centre (Yes, the guy who sang “These Eyes” and “American Woman”).  JCAM served cold drinks and beer, sold taiyaki (think of them as a cake in the shape of a fish and usually filled with azuki beans/cream), takoyaki (fried octopus covered in batter), and kakigori (shaved ice with your choice of flavour).  Also, there was entertainment in the form of traditional Japanese dances, taiko drumming, and otaku dancing.  This event was the perfect example of the small but burgeoning Japanese community in Winnipeg.

A few members of JETAA Prairies volunteered for the day with responsibilities ranging from setup/takedown, entertainment, security, and concessions.  Our next event will be the JETAA Prairies Cooking Class and Karaoke Night for our new JETs on July 21st.  To all alumni, let us know if you want participate!

Pre-Departure Orientation: The Countdown Begins

Showcasing our new banner!

We held our Pre-Departure Orientation at the Japanese Cultural Assocation of Manitoba.    JET Prairie alumni gave presentations on a variety of aspects of Japanese life (e.g. What to bring to Japan, ideal Japanese learning materials, how to get involved with the community, driving in Japan, etc.).  We answered any questions the new JETs asked us.

Next is our JET Prairie Cooking Night and Karaoke Send-Off for our new JET participants on July 21st.  Also, some of our alumni will have a table setup at this year’s Ai-Kon Convention on July 27th-29th.  If you’re alumni and want to hang out with us, let us know!

And of course, good luck Japan in the World Cup. 🙂

JETAA Karaoke Night

“Sometimes, I do need to go karaoke, sometimes I need to relax.” – Jackie Chan

JETAA Prairies Karaoke Night


On May 12th, we had our first Karaoke Night!  Once you do karaoke in Japan, it’s very hard to shake the habit off after returning to your home country.   If you are wondering which karaoke machine we used, we used Karafun.  Flight of Conchords songs ruled the evening.  If you somehow didn’t get the chance to go, don’t worry!  We will hold another JETAA Prairies Karaoke Night again!  So, stay tuned!

Welcome To Our New Site!

Finally!  After years of not having a site, we’re finally back.  It’s a work in progress so stay tuned!

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