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That’s a Wrap: Ai-Kon 2019

Over 150 people stopped by at the JETAA Prairies desk over the past weekend at Ai-Kon at the RBC Convention Centre. People of all ages and backgrounds asked questions and picked up free swag. (Also, it does help that a couple of the JETs cosplayed, too.)

Members of JETAA Prairies gives a group selfie by their info desk at Ai-Kon 2019.

In addition, we held a panel/Q&A regarding our wonderful/wackiest stories from Japan. We gave our presentation at the JCAM room and each JET took turns telling their stories. Likewise, at the end of the panel, we invited the audience to share their stories. For example, one member of the audience told a story about when she was in Japan for a school trip, the class accidentally took a wrong turn and found themselves in the red light district.

JETAA Prairies members giving a presentation about their wackiest stories from Japan
Packed house!

Interestingly, we met several people who are close to or have already graduated from university. We encouraged them to apply for the JET Programme. More importantly, we only hope that they can apply and we see them at Pre-Departure Orientation. We wish them the best of luck!

Lastly, JETAA Prairies would like to thank the organizers of Ai-Kon and Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary for allowing us to be there.

#AskaJET: Our Ai-Kon Panel Preview

A preview of JETAA Prairies' Presentation/Q&A Panel for Ai-Kon 2019
A preview of JETAA Prairies’ Presentation/Q&A Panel for Ai-Kon 2019. “Wild and Wonderful Stories from Japan” will happen Friday, July 26th, at 7:30pm at Rm 15, at the RBC Convention Centre.

Yes, we’re planning for our much-anticipated Wild and Wonderful Stories from Japan panel for Friday, July 26th at 7:30pm. The above image is one of our slides for the upcoming panel. Likewise, there will be more material to cover.

In the meantime, we will also try to trend Twitter by inviting people to ask questions before and during the panel by using “#AskaJET”. For example, a potential tweet might be “Hey @jetaaprairies, what are the coolest spots in Japan? #AskaJET”. If you have questions, feel free to give @jetaaprairies a shoutout!

See you there!

Ai-Kon 2018 @ RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

JET Prairies (Manitoba Saskatchewan) talking about ways to work and travel in Japan at AiKon 2018, RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre.

JETAA Prairies (Manitoba Saskatchewan) talking about ways to work and travel in Japan at AiKon July 27th, 2018, RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg .

This past weekend, JETAA Prairies attended AiKon from July 27th to July 31st, 2018 at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.  We not only had an information desk at AiKon but JETAA Prairies held a panel titled Exploring and Working in Japan.  We discussed job opportunities in Japan which included the JET Programme, private English conversation schools (eikawas), and the holiday working visa.  We also discussed how to travel in Japan (e.g. JR Rail Pass, wi-fi rental vs SIM card, accomodations) and held a Q & A with the audience.

JETAA Prairies (Manitoba and Saskatchewan) presenting about working and travelling in Japan

Alumni being super genki for the panel and ready to share their collective wisdom about Japan.

As you would expect, there were people from all walks of life stopping by the JETAA Prairies information desk inquiring about Japan and the JET Programme.

JET Prairies (Manitoba Saskatchewan) alumni present at AiKon 2018, RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

JET Prairies (Manitoba Saskatchewan) alumni present at AiKon 2018, RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

Our next event is the biggest event for all JETAA chapters:  the National Conference which will be held from August 10th-12th in Winnipeg.  All Canadian JETAA chapters will be sending their representatives to Winnipeg.  If you are JET Alumni and would like to volunteer during the conference, feel free to contact us via the Contact Form.   

See you next year, AiKon!

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