Day: July 23, 2019

#AskaJET: Our Ai-Kon Panel Preview

A preview of JETAA Prairies' Presentation/Q&A Panel for Ai-Kon 2019
A preview of JETAA Prairies’ Presentation/Q&A Panel for Ai-Kon 2019. “Wild and Wonderful Stories from Japan” will happen Friday, July 26th, at 7:30pm at Rm 15, at the RBC Convention Centre.

Yes, we’re planning for our much-anticipated Wild and Wonderful Stories from Japan panel for Friday, July 26th at 7:30pm. The above image is one of our slides for the upcoming panel. Likewise, there will be more material to cover.

In the meantime, we will also try to trend Twitter by inviting people to ask questions before and during the panel by using “#AskaJET”. For example, a potential tweet might be “Hey @jetaaprairies, what are the coolest spots in Japan? #AskaJET”. If you have questions, feel free to give @jetaaprairies a shoutout!

See you there!

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